Chase Brunner
Chase Brunner 4 uur geleden
I Thought This Was A Gift To His Daughter What Happened To That ???
Zach Shepherd
Zach Shepherd 5 uur geleden
Brian finish one of MANY cars and maybe Just maybe Ken might let you drive it but for real. Nah Leah's gonna drive first 😂😂
Elijah Fregia
Elijah Fregia 5 uur geleden
Should have made a chevy logo
Lily Stuart-Stracey
Lily Stuart-Stracey 5 uur geleden
So what's going to happen now are you selling the hoonicorn
TheWaffleHouseTV 5 uur geleden
Does Ken get to keep all the cars ?
Traceless916 6 uur geleden
6:16 oh that suspension setup.. don't get sued by Traxxas L000L
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 6 uur geleden
Hey ken how bout forza 7?
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 6 uur geleden
Aye ken have u played forza 7???
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 6 uur geleden
Aye ken! Have u played forza 7?
Thomas Brock
Thomas Brock 6 uur geleden
Bruh i had to watch this in tears
A K 6 uur geleden
Rise of the V3?
Chris Bowden
Chris Bowden 6 uur geleden
Love the smell of burning tyres nooooo it can't be the end unless you make something even more mental....
Rə-up McCöy
Rə-up McCöy 6 uur geleden
Tesla on steroids
old fashioned gamer
old fashioned gamer 7 uur geleden
y'all should make like a museum type thing with cars y'all have built
Tom G
Tom G 7 uur geleden
So what happens to it? I doubt Ken will get rid of it, but probably can’t be seen driving it if sponsored by another...
Maxwell Marsden
Maxwell Marsden 7 uur geleden
...oh geez, is he going to build her a shortbed 4x4 truck that's got a 4.6 set up like his tire fryer???!!!
Derek V
Derek V 7 uur geleden
Chevy Hoon Truck please 1969 😃
animated flow
animated flow 7 uur geleden
Great notes and calling, zero lag and short gears. Great steering inputs and car control. Beautiful
MK One
MK One 7 uur geleden
8:04 wtf
The Kombinator
The Kombinator 7 uur geleden
6:50 :"it's a brand new car!" "IT'S A '96!"
James Beacham
James Beacham 8 uur geleden
Give the car away!!!!!!!!
Ej Johnson
Ej Johnson 8 uur geleden
Oh man the hoonicorn gone I will cry myself to sleep for a few weeks
Paul Scott Williamson
Paul Scott Williamson 8 uur geleden
I liked this but I HATE the reason for the video, i hate the break from ford, and i hate they will not be using the hoonicorn mustang or the other fords anymore :(
Steve Davies
Steve Davies 8 uur geleden
"It's from the '60s"...perfect example why these wankers are wankers....The only thing from the '60s on this was may be a screw holding a headlight in place...wankers...
phil hemming
phil hemming 8 uur geleden
You can’t retire her. What will I use in forza for my drag car now 😱😱😂 Farewell my darling, you’ve done us proud.
Axle Hammerfoot
Axle Hammerfoot 8 uur geleden
Hoonicorn vs under-powered cars that will inevitably get beaten. Shit got boring months ago
garrett skenes
garrett skenes 8 uur geleden
That’s terrible electrical cars stupid people
Eliabdy Hermosilla
Eliabdy Hermosilla 8 uur geleden
Hard to see it but I’m pretty sure he’ll come back with something even better 💯😪
Peter Spidus
Peter Spidus 8 uur geleden
Does anyone knows what is the tablet holder calls?
Peter Spidus
Peter Spidus 8 uur geleden
thath intro is sick Can am rules
Jencski József
Jencski József 8 uur geleden
🤷‍♂️ ...but why?
Ralph Reymar Echalar
Ralph Reymar Echalar 9 uur geleden
Imagine having a ride with ken block. Thats really awesome🤗
Travis Ferron
Travis Ferron 9 uur geleden
Hi l don't give in to the vaccine or the mark of the Anti-Christ . this is a great time to stand up for your rights. Worship the Lord JESUS CHRIST !!!!
E Gibson
E Gibson 9 uur geleden
so does this mean no Hoonifox??
E Gibson
E Gibson 9 uur geleden
Where's Hurt??
Troy Medley
Troy Medley 9 uur geleden
Why is this happening?
Staysidewayz Z
Staysidewayz Z 9 uur geleden
Ford really doesn’t care about its fans😂. They really shat on the mustang name and owners.
robert 2but
robert 2but 9 uur geleden
I'm new to Ken and hoonigan AND this is not really my thing BUT this is BadAss Addess at it's Finest
E l i t e F l i g h t
E l i t e F l i g h t 10 uur geleden
Whistlin Diesel “I bought Ken Block’s 1400 HP mustang just to destroy it!”
Bacon Camp
Bacon Camp 10 uur geleden
So what happens to the Hoonicorn now? I hope its not going into some museum. That car was built to be driven, hard.
Robbie Lonergan
Robbie Lonergan 10 uur geleden
Think I just found my favourite car collection 😍😍
Stéphane Poirier
Stéphane Poirier 10 uur geleden
Fuck the car , the car came alive with ken block only👍👍👍
Stéphane Poirier
Stéphane Poirier 10 uur geleden
I don’t know if the terms insane driver is appropriate for ken block ( I have bad English) ken block is a amazing driver , respect ✊ my dream is to have 1/10 of his ability 😁👍👍👍
Al Tuck
Al Tuck 10 uur geleden
I would like to see a twin turbo GTR 32 hooligan styled and Ken giving it the max for his next car 👍
Alex Soo
Alex Soo 10 uur geleden
Do a giveaway
deacondalegend56 11 uur geleden theres an f150 hoonitruck... what about an f450 hoonitruck
Preston6gaming 11 uur geleden
Do a gaming channel
rc send 16
rc send 16 11 uur geleden
Noo! That probably means he has to chuck the rest of his fleet. 😬 It has been an epic time watching this beast tear it up, but it's time for it to go😔
the99greene 11 uur geleden
i’m calling it rn that the next car is gonna be electric
Sean Koons
Sean Koons 11 uur geleden
Wait you guys said no longer working with Ford? Like at all? Does this mean the fox body concept is never coming to fruition?
haso _99
haso _99 11 uur geleden
Soo sad💔
ChaosTVAfrica 11 uur geleden
There can only be one Ken Block. Such a master and seems like a real good bloke too
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 11 uur geleden
Sean Koons
Sean Koons 11 uur geleden
This should be a series. I wanna see more drifting lessons. She’s doing really good for day 1 due to the circumstances
Sean Koons
Sean Koons 11 uur geleden
This legit made me happy. She’s a beast!
Zane Devoux
Zane Devoux 11 uur geleden
Props to the co driver i wouldve shit my pants trying to read the call outs 😂😂😂
Dylan Poe
Dylan Poe 11 uur geleden
if you get ride of the hoonicorn i will un sub
Thomas Vailes
Thomas Vailes 12 uur geleden
im not sure why this means he cant drive it
danbott81 12 uur geleden
KEN! How are you not keeping this car!? It is you! I feel like you're selling your soul.. 😣🤮
Brando765 12 uur geleden
That horrendous screaming sounds like it would give you a headache
Anthony laduca
Anthony laduca 12 uur geleden
Floter or lowrider wire with led in it
Brando765 12 uur geleden
Disgusting hate that I’m growing up in this era.
Jameson Krantz
Jameson Krantz 12 uur geleden
Glad he's getting rid of it. He took an old muscle car and made it shit fuck you
Turbo World
Turbo World 12 uur geleden
Who owns it though?! Easily my favorite car !
Josh Ivy
Josh Ivy 12 uur geleden
Best vid on
Kram Noslaw
Kram Noslaw 13 uur geleden
Oh geeze love the fox body mustang miss mine
Joe R.G.
Joe R.G. 13 uur geleden
It might be a dumb and potentially lethal idea but, I'm curious what kind of time this thing could set at Pike's or the Nurburgring when pressed. But alas sweet prince, may you rest for now.
Mark Slowen
Mark Slowen 13 uur geleden
Super cool dude and super cool car would give my left ..... to drive it.
Danut Boian
Danut Boian 13 uur geleden
love this car where is it going to?
Fardin Yousefi
Fardin Yousefi 13 uur geleden
I wish I had the same car ...
Gitsum 13 uur geleden
So, will the Hoonifox concept be replaced with a Hoonibrat?
Juan Mecano
Juan Mecano 13 uur geleden
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Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson 13 uur geleden
Ken, your last unicorn 🦄 run should be with a run from the CHP off into the sunset and never seen again.
Bubba Gump Shrimp
Bubba Gump Shrimp 13 uur geleden
I literally have the exact same wheel and tire combo on my Bronco as ken's, awesome
Jack Rees
Jack Rees 13 uur geleden
Are they Ken's cars or have ford kept them ?
Sparta 13 uur geleden
NASCAR aint got nothin on this.... WOW!!!!!!! Almost like just being introduced to the Isle of Man TT.
Badger 2357
Badger 2357 13 uur geleden
Wait so what is happening to the Foxbody mustang?
I dOnT hAve A Hªt
1978garfield 13 uur geleden
This better not be goodbye. I wonder who his new sponsor will be? Hope we don't see him exclusively driving a Kia.
Mustafa Aydın
Mustafa Aydın 13 uur geleden
are they corn silage ?
Grays Harbor Audio Works
Grays Harbor Audio Works 13 uur geleden